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Standup 11/12/2008: JSON2.js borked?

Interesting Things

  • JSON version 2 has problems with its JavaScript implementation json2.js, specifically when calling JSON.stringify() on arrays:

    // JSON version 1
    [1] => "[1]"
    // JSON version 2
    [1] => ""[1]""

    We’re not sure if this is a bug or a feature. We’re sticking with JSON version 1 until further notice.

  • Pivot Adam has a very interesting blog post about functors called Give up the func. Check it out!

Ask for Help

“We were having problems when mocking an ActiveRecord association under Mocha when we called expects on a method that calls a method.”

The solution was basically to not mock associations.

“Mod_rewrite + SSL was causing problems when redirecting to a subdomain behind SSL.”

A wild-card SSL certificate solves the problem.

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