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Standup 11/14/2008: XXL Mongrels and Non-Model Reports

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“How big should a typical mongrel be? Ours is starting out at over 200 megs but is not leaking from that point.”

Everyone agreed that 50MB to 70MB is standard and anything over 100MB is considered pretty big. People suggested RubyProf for inspecting object counts and possibly tracking down the memory hogging code.

“What pattern does everyone use for non-model Reports with ActiveRecord? We are trying to create a report that counts a single model and groups by two associated models”

There was consensus around modeling a distinct report object and calling the referenced models. For example, FooReport and FooReportController fit nicely in a RESTful Rails world.

  1. Ted says:

    I don’t see the download link or announcement for the 2.2 SDK :-

  2. Dustin says:

    running on a xeon server doubles memory use. ey runs xeon for all(?) slices.

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