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Standup 11/21/2008: Pro Bono Airwaves

Interesting Things

  • Rails reminder: flash[:notice] = "Good Job" will survive a redirect, while[:notice] = "Good Job" will not. In general, is used when you render a template without a redirect, such as when a form submit has validation errors.
  • Good Books: Several folks have recommended JavaScript: The Good Parts.
  • Pro bono: Would anyone like to help out KUSF for free? Their new website project has been stalled for a year.

Ask for Help

“How do you get Selenium to work with Firefox 3?”

If you know how, pull the jar files out of a later release and use those. Good luck!

  1. Pat Nakajima says:

    For another awesome JavaScript book, that’s definitely more geared toward the DOM, check out John Resig’s Secrets of a JavaScript Ninja: It’s still in “early access” edition, but it’s well worth it.

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