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Standup 11/22/2010: How can a rails engine provide migrations?

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  • We just upgraded one project from Devise 1.1 to Devise 1.2 and reported “many problems which blew up all sorts of stuff”. It was bad enough we had to rollback. Are there others with failure or success stories for this upgrade?
  • Can you rate limit EC2 nodes using an Elastic Load Balancer? We’d like to cap the amount of traffic that can be sent to an app instance. I’m thinking advanced use cases like this are probably why you run your own haproxy instead of using ELBs.
  • How are people running database migrations in their engine gems? I know rails 3.1 promises to bring this to the table, but is there a backport gem we can use?


  • iOS 4.2 is out! We’re looking forward to trying it on the iPad (finally).

  1. Simon Russell says:

    For migrations in engines:

    (or maybe you already knew about that?)

  2. David Stevenson says:


    I should have clarified – we want to run migrations in rails 3, using a technique as similar as possible to rails 3.1 (where all the migration version records go in 1 table). That way the upgrade path is easy once 3.1 comes out.


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