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Standup 11/23/2010: Cucumber eating sessions

Ask for Help

“Why is Cucumber clearing our sessions between requests?”

A team is doing Cucumber/WebRat tests of a SAML authentication flow using Devise. No matter what they do, their session seem to be getting cleared between requests. It was suggested to write a vanilla Rails integration test to see if the problem is in Cucumber or the App.

“Any recommendations for a CMS to use with Rails?”

The textarea backed by a single model just isn’t cutting it anymore and we probably don’t want to end up building our own. Any success or horror stories?

  1. I’m a big fan of Radiant. Coupled with these extensions, it’s a great platform to work with:

    Some folks are not a great fan of having the layout in the database. I have to agree. For my last project I used file_system_resources which was a great help:

    Checkout more extensions at:

  2. Aubrey Holland says:

    I’m having the same problem with Cucumber/Capybara/Selenium for tests that pass successfully when not under Selenium. Would love to know if you figured this out, assuming it’s related.

  3. Joseph Palermo says:

    Hi Aubrey,

    I asked the team that was having the problem. They did resolve the problem, although they can’t remember what exactly the problem was. They do remember that they “were doing it wrong” and once they stopped that, everything worked :)

    I’m guessing that is less than helpful to you though.

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