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Standup 11/8/2010

Help – Running my own gem server

Sarah will give a Ruby introduction class for kids at RubyConf. However, there won’t be any Internet connection available, but the participants will need to install several gems.
A solution to this problem is the gem geminabox which allows you to run a server providing gems. Other users who have geminabox installed then are able to install gems from that server.

  1. Milan Iliev says:

    People don’t need geminabox installed to install gems from a geminabox server; it’s only needed for pushing gems to one. Geminabox acts as a RubyGems-compliant server, so simply adding it to the gem sources works.

    My Gemfiles begin with:
    source :rubygems
    source “http://mylocalserver:8888″

  2. Josh Knowles says:

    You can also install, which is the open-source app which powers

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