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Standup 11/8/2011: Rails 3 fixtures and licenses


  • Upgrading to Rails 3 from 2.3.14 results in rails not being able to reference named fixtures, so you actually have to force them. For ex:
  asset_id: <%= Fixtures.identify(:work_sample_asset) %> # works
  asset: work_sample_asset # doesn't work
  • Ruby license has switched from dual license Ruby License / GPL3 for v1.9.2 to Ruby License / BSD for v1.9.3.


  • Riak v1.0 has been released, release party this evening

  • On Lion, Ctrl-F7 allows you to toggle keyboard access between “all controls” and “text boxes and list only”

  • SF Public Department is running an AIDS risk level assessment, feel free to join up if interested.

  1. David Orban says:

    Thanks for posting this tip! I have been trying to upgrade to Rails 3 from 2.3.14 without success, because of the problem you refer to, so your solution is very useful.

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