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Standup 12/01/2009


  • Heroku logs – how do you get more than 20 lines? Is there an option to get the entire log? Apparently there used to be an option to get the whole thing. Looks like we’re not the only ones looking for this.
  • Webrat – is it really as incomplete as it appears? The answer is yes. We’ve had to create a bunch of the api ourselves to facilitate using it. If you know you’re just going to use the Selenium portion of it without the Rails integration option then you might just call the Selenium API directly (which Webrat does make available to you) from your Selenium tests.

Interesting Things

  • Rails XML parameter rudeness – sometimes when only a single model is posted, it does not generate the second array, and instead gives you a hash ( not wrapped in []). This is apparently a well-known bug. Workaround is pretty straightforward:

    widgets = params[:widgets][:widget]
    if widgets.is_a?(Hash)
      widgets = [widgets]
  • Movember is over but you can revel in the ‘stashes all year long at Pivotal Movember.

  1. Sandro Turriate says:

    I use webrat everyday and have never thought of it as being “incomplete”. Please be specific about what you feel is missing. Even better, help out the community and publish the extensions you’ve had to write.

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