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Standup 12/03/2008: Instance variables in Selenium


  • Instance variables in Selenium? We’re setting up a User model instance in a setup method. We want to use that User instance in our test, naturally. But when we get into the test, the User instance has no methods on it. It’s a standard Test::Unit Selenium test. Any ideas?
  • hoe/rake/rspec dependencies and CI? The following combination will break CI. The issue is that RSpec 1.1.11 depends on Hoe 1.8.2 and Hoe 1.8.2 requires Rake 0.8.3, which will break our CI environment. RubyGems may also need to get upgraded to get this combination to work. Sounds like a bit of work…
  • Uploaded file encodings? We’re getting truncated content when uploading files encoded with ISO-8859-1 Windows. Any ideas why this is happening? Can we check the encoding when the file is uploaded?
  • with a time zone in a named scope in the TEST Rails environment does not use the MockClock class (which lets us manipulate time in our tests). Why isn’t it being used?
  • Demo environment DNS propagation & Apache configuration. The expected demo URL isn’t working. It sounds like Ops just recently set the name in DNS so it’s probably still getting propagated around.

Interesting Things

  • Apparently Treetop does not let you assume equality in the usual Ruby ways. Just something to look out for.
  • Last night we hosted a panel in conjunction with our partners Venture Archetypes called Project Startup. It’s a regular panel we’ve been hosting for a while now. It happens roughly every 2 months.

  1. Nolan Eakins says:

    Regarding your User instance for you Selenium tests: turn off transactional fixtures. I had to do that while playing w/ Cucumber and Selenium. The Ruby side of the tests would create a record which the transaction would hide from the Mongrel that Selenium would hit causing it not to be seen.

    This does limit what data you can present to a set of Selenium tests though, but it works.

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