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Standup 12/14/2011: Twitter API doesn't Tweet

Ask for Help

“The Twitter API has callbacks which return tweet IDs; however, we’re not seeing the IDs.”

“nginx upload module: does it buffer to memory and then stream to disk?”

The upload module by itself streams to disk; have used it to upload multi-gigabyte files, which would have caused problems if it was buffering to memory.

“Is there a way to undelete stories in tracker?”

Look at the history, it will show what stories were recently deleted. Export/import might help, too. Try contacting the Tracker team.

Interesting Things

  • Webmock + RubyMine == fail. This applies both to RubyMine-stable and RubyMine-EAP. You can monkeypatch around it by writing your own initializer. It may be a require-order problem.

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