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Standup 12/16/2011: SSL & White-labeling has no easy answers

Ask for Help

“Is there an easy way to white-label a domain when using SSL?”

Short answer: not really. One way would be to get a different IP and SSL certs. There are still some hurdles when sharing sessions across domains. Cookies can’t be read across sites, either.

Interesting Things

  • When deploying to Heroku using the Cedar Stack, BUNDLE_WITHOUT is not supported, but you can detect heroku in your Gemfile with ENV[‘HOME’].gsub(’/’,”) == “app”, and then substitute any group like staging/cucumber with “test” so they are not installed via the default bundle task on heroku.
  • Rails 3 Asset Pipeline allows you to extend the compilation of additional files. Registering your own extension is easy but poorly-documented: you create a class that handles the compilation and register it with the asset pipeline.

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