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Standup 12/17/2007

Interesting Things

  • Rails 2.0 *blink* Rails 2.0.1 *blink* Rails 2.0.2 was released. This includes at least one Pivotal patch:

    Fix that validates_acceptance_of still works for non-existent tables (useful for bootstrapping new databases). Closes #10474 [hasmanyjosh]

  • Brown bag lunch: Today two folks from Sun will visit to tell us about their Glassfish and JRuby projects.

  • We have launched our replacement for Pivotal Blabs — Pivots, the Pivotal Labs network. This is a showcase for our own social networking platform. Check out everyone’s individual blogs here.
  • Several projects have written Javascript that catches errors and makes an AJAX call to the server, logging that error for future debugging. More on this later.

Ask for Help

  • “Can someone please help me set up my Capistrano 2.0 deploy?”
    Sure! He was having an issue with SVN dropping the connection during the initial project setup. Breaking down the command and running each step individually seemed to do the trick.
  • “Does anyone know a good Chinese delivery option near 3rd and Market?”
    Really… any suggestions?

  1. Tim Connor says:

    Dunno about delivery, or good, but you surely know about the various Chinese joints and buffets around the Mission/2nd-3rd area, right? Also, it’s close enough to Chinatown that there has to be something authentic that delivers. The financial-district/SOMA has to be a big part of the delivery lunch business.

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