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Standup 12/18/2007

Ask for Help

  • “Please help feed the hungry of San Francisco.”

We helped! Our barrel is over flowing.

Food donation barrel overflowing

Food donation barrel overflowing

  1. Alex Chaffee says:

    Isn’t it more efficient to make a cash donation to, say, the
    [San Francisco Food Bank](,
    who has negotiated bulk rates with food suppliers and can get
    matching funds and turns 97% of your donation directly into use, than to go buy cheese doodles at
    Trader Joe’s and let them skim off profits and distribution and packaging costs and send them to
    [German billionaire Theo Albrecht](

    – Scrooge McChaffee

  2. Alex Chaffee says:

    (send the profits, that is, not the packaging costs, although TJ’s does do its (un)fair share of that part of the supply chain too)

  3. Joe Moore says:

    Get your shilling ready to buy the prize turkey for Mr. Cratchit and Tiny Tim in 7 days…

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