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Standup 12-21-2011: Where is my git history?

Ask for Help

“Is there a good way to manage SQL views using Active Record?”

Check out the rails_sql_views gem.

“Can I move a file or directory with git without having the history becoming disconnected (i.e have to use –follow)?”

Because of the way git stores files, this isn’t really possible. One workaround is to use filter-branch to rewrite history to make it look like the file was never moved. However, you’d have to be careful and ensure that no one pushes the pre-filtered history to the repo after it has changed.

Interesting Things

“It’s not possible to disable 1-click purchasing on a Kindle device.”

Unless you want to have a long chat with your credit card company, make sure you keep this in mind before letting a niece / nephew borrow your Kindle :)

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