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Standup 12/23/2009: Load/require and Rails reloading

Ask for Help

“What’s a good design for sharing a page cache across multiple servers?”

One of our clients would like to have a distributed server environment share its page cache. At this point, they’re relying on GFS to do this.. but this solution appears to have problems with reliability.

Several engineers questioned the necessity for such a thing, but memcached appeared to be the solution of choice.

“Any information on RabbitMQ?”

One of our engineers is beginning to play with RabbitMQ. Anyone who has good comments about this technology, please feel free to chime in.

Interesting Things

  • load “location” and require “location” do not play nicely with Rail’s automatic class reloading.

Rails maintains an internal array of files that it ‘knows’ about for this purpose. However, load and require bypass this mechanism, and lock files into place.

If you’d like to add a require that will class-reload, use the command ‘require_dependency “location”‘. This command, added by Rails, will require the file AND add it to ActiveSupport.

  1. Will Read says:

    Check out how Remix ended up testing their RabbitMQ setup (initially). There’s probably some merit in running a Part 3 at this point.

    Not that the use case here was a communication channel from our master server to the slaves (replaced a big scp of our dataset every few hours). We did not use it as a job scheduler.

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