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Standup 12/8/11


The Pivotal Webstache Movember network cleared $40,000 raised to stop Dude Cancer

Joda-Time provides a quality replacement for the Java date and time classes. Months are not zero based!

EC2 is scheduling restarts for their physical machines and your instances. In some cases you can manage your own restart. Make sure you check your email and your EC2 console.


Google Chrome seems to be caching and rendering the last resource served from a URL regardless of its content-type when you navigate via the back button to a page. Specifically, a client’s site serves both HTML and JSON from the same URL. The JSON is the last request made because it’s an async request on the page. When the user navigates away from this page then back the JSON data is rendered instead of the HTML resource. Any HTTP header change suggestions we can use to get Chrome to only render the HTML content?

Capybara seems to not allow #click on elements depending on how you call #find. What’s up with this?

find('tr', :id => 'foo').click  #not clickable
find(:css, 'tr#foo').click      # is clickable

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