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Standup 12/8/2008

Old Version Woes

At standup today, it’s been reported that Hpricot 0.6.161 doesn’t work on our Windows VM sandbox setup, while the newest version: 0.6.164, is just peachy. So watch for this and perhaps get to upgradin’.

Likewise a bug in Rake 0.8.3 breaks our CI behavior, but is apparently solved in the 0.8.4 release candidate, a.k.a., which can be found on Jim Weirich’s github.

So that’s it for now. This is one of the hazards and boons of the world of fast-moving open-source projects. Bugs happen, as in all software, but they seem to be solved quickly, or else there’s always room for you to dig in. So be aware and look out for the next version!

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