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Standup: 2/1/2010 – Speed up Paperclip tests; A fork of Spork that doesn't use fork


  • Speed up your tests that use Paperclip by putting the following in your spec_helper.rb. In a new project’s test suite this alone reduced the full suite run time from 25 to 5 seconds.
class Paperclip::Attachment
  def post_process; end
  • If you want to run Spork to speed up your tests, but aren’t running on a Ruby platform that supports Kernel.fork (like windows or JRuby) then Roger Pack’s Spork fork might work for you.

  1. Thanks! That prevented convert from being run, but you can take it further and prevent identify from running as well:

    class Paperclip::Attachment
    def post_process; end

    module Paperclip
    class << self def run(*args) “100×100″ end end end

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