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Standup 2/1/2011: Typus Hangin' Tough

Ask for Help

“Tellurium? Has anybody heard of Tellurium? Bueller?”

Apparently no one at standup had heard about Tellurium which is apparently a “UI module-based web automated testing framework” that “runs on top of Selenium

“How do I get Bundler to uninstall old versions of gems from the system when new versions get out?”

Turns out that when a gem gets upgraded, bundle install does not necessarily kill the old gems on the system, even when using RVM gemsets. Which can be problematic if you have other systems which are expecting only the newest version of the gem installed.

The easy answer is to prepend bundle exec for every command you want to use. If you’re too lazy for that, then the simplest answer we could come up with was just to blow away your gemset before you deploy.

“Any more admin UI help?”

People are always looking for easy database admin panels for Rails projects. Last week and again today, the new kid on the block, Typus was brought up. Also mentioned today was admin_data.

Some even say the best admin available for a Rails project is actually Django.

  1. Matthew Todd says:

    New in Bundler 1.1.pre is `bundle clean`, which sounds like it will do what you’re looking for:

  2. Cody Swann says:

    We’ve thought about wiring up Django admin to Rails projects, too. Would love to hear your experiences with that.

  3. Jean-Michel says:

    Another admin UI:

    It’s built on top of InheritedResources, InheritedViews, Formtastic and WillPaginate

    a very active project with good test coverage.

    I have been using Francesc’ typus in 2 projects and it was not so easy to extend although it did a very good job for CRUD backend with pics attached.

    Rails ecosystem is a small world as I happen to know both Francesc and Phillipe CReux (, core contributor of active_admin

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