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Standup 2/2/2009: Rails 2.3 is gonna be sweet

Interesting Things

  • Neat Plugin: Caio Chassot suggested a patch to rails that makes rails template finder traverse the controller inheritance chain when looking for templates. This would make the view system work “correctly” with inheritance, which one of our projects needed. The patch wasn’t applied, but the code was released as a plugin called inheritable_templates,
    which we are now using and enjoying.
  • What’s the opposite of {:a => 1, :b => 2}.to_a? It’s Hash[:a, 1, :b, 2].
  • Rails 2.3 is going to be awesome! We’re most looking forward to
    • Nested model assignment and views
    • Nested transactions, even on MySQL!
    • Default Scopes, no more adding :order => "position" on every acts_as_list model
    • Smarter rendering of partials
    • Rack support
    • Bringing of Engines back. Pivotal is still going to support Desert at this time. Desert is similar to engines, but loads every class that matches in the load path, not just the first one. This allows you to build plugins that extend previous plugins. Using engines, however, we are hoping to make the source code for desert even more trivial.

  1. Simon Russell says:

    The engines in Rails 2.3 is, of course, absolutely nowhere as good as the actual Rails Engines — it’s missing the most important feature: migrations. Also, proper Engines does load all the matching classes; so there’ll be a need for Engines and Desert for a while yet…

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