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Standup 2/23/2011 – mocking AJAX for jQuery 1.5

Ask for Help

“When I tried to clear cookies on IE8, the cookies stuck around anyway. I was only able to delete them through the developer toolbar. What’s going on?”

The consensus theory was that the developer toolbar might be affecting IE8’s cookie behavior (IE8 is not known for its robust extensions). More investigation seems in order.

Interesting Things

  • After upgrading to Bundler 1.0.10/Rubygems 1.5.2, build time on one of our projects shrank by 2 minutes. Hurrah for caching!
  • jQuery 1.5 changed its AJAX implementation, causing us to upgrade our mock Jasmine library. Our jQuery 1.5 fork is here.

  1. Joseph Palermo says:

    For the cookie. Is the cookie an [http only]( cookie?

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