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Standup 2/24/2001-2/25/2001

Ask for Help

“bundle install seems very slow everytime, but bundle check seems fast. Why doesn’t bundle install use bundle check before doing its thing?”

Consensus was that this seemed like a good idea.

“When setting up a cc.rb box, the box could not connect to Github, yielding the ‘You don’t exist, go away!’ message. How do we fix this situation? We can get to github through the command line without any issues.”

  • One thing to check is your protocol. The git protocol is closest to SSH and obeys most of the settings SSH does.
  • Also check your agent forwarding settings. Is your box explicitly doing everything that it should?

“In Rails 2.3, we tried mocking a has_one association. However, it looks like the association isn’t mocking. Why?”

Rails 2.3 associations have a proxy object that delegate to lower level objects. This proxy isn’t mockable, but the target (proxy_target) is.

“What is the current best of breed passenger config beyond what you get from the passenger site?”

Recommendations were given for mod_speed.

“What are some easy ways to implement CSS spriting on my site?”

For a quick definition of CSS sprites, look here. Recommendations included Compass/SASS.

Interesting Things

  • jQuery 1.5.1 is out! It is the first jQuery that explicitly supports IE 9, so it’s recommended for next generation web site development.

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