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Standup 2/8/2011: Simulating mouse events in Capybara

Interesting Things

  • Trying to test functional Ruby with RSpec? Here’s an idea.

  • Worth another pointer: Source RVM in your bash scripts if you need RVM to manage Ruby and gemsets. Some people object to using RVM in production – they prefer to set GEM_HOME and PATH, or use the system Ruby.

Ask for Help

  • “Is there a clean way to simulate mouse events in Capybara tests?”

Capybara and Selenium don’t seem to have tools for simulating mouse events other than ‘click’. You can ask Selenium to execute JavaScript that triggers a mouse-up event. But is there a nicer way, either in Capybara or Selenium?

  • vestal_versions is a popular record versioning tool for Rails. Any other suggestions?”

  • “We have a bunch of markup generated by a WYSIWYG editor. We’re changing our routing and need to update all the links. Is Nokogiri the best solution?”

  1. Jari Bakken says:

    The WebDriver team is working hard on supporting more advanced interactions, including detailed control over input devices (like mouse and keyboard). Look for some new APIs for this in the selenium-webdriver gem soon.

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