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Standup 2/9/09 – chaining associatons, use_rails_error_handling! and eager_load_paths

Interesting things

  • People seem to think it would be useful to chain associations in the same way that named scopes work. E.g., post.comments.authors. We might look at providing a patch to do so.

  • Rspec and Rails 2.2 modifies rails to not rescue exceptions as it normally does. To fix that, add the following to your tests:

describe ThingsController do
   before(:each) do
  • A project was running into a problem on non dev/test environments with rails 2.2 where if we did a db:drop and a subsequent db:create, the migrations were blowing up with an exception on the line in environment.rb. The models were being loaded before any of the migrations had run, thus failing because the tables didn’t exist. To work around this, add config.eager_load_paths = [] in your Rails::Initializer. It was suggested this was either a bug in 2.2.2 and/or a bad interaction with desert.

  1. Do you know how to set same controller behaviour in Merb? ;]

  2. Pat Nakajima says:

    Regarding the association chaining, it’s not tough to roll manually:

    With that being said, it’s probably a bad idea, since it’s *way* too easy to abuse (speaking as someone who has done [such things](–strike-ten-things-i-hate-about-proxy-objects-strike-part-i)).

    A better idea might be identifying a missing join model, or even just de-normalization for de-normalization’s sake. Then again, it is a cool trick.

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