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Standup 2008-01-09

Desert Fixes

Desert has been upgraded to work with Rails 2, solving problems with ActionMailer templates and Rails load paths.

Nested Describes in RSpec

A reminder: RSpec supports nested describe blocks. This can be useful for sharing setup and also for organization (one describe per method being tested, with multiple it blocks). Some people reported that there are some issues when using nested describe blocks with fixture scenarios. There was also a report of some flakiness around a single it block being run more than once.

Yay NetBeans

One of our projects has reported that they have been using NetBeans and are happy with it.

  1. Joel says:

    Hey, thanks for desert btw. Just trying it out and it looks mighty sweet.

    Having a bit of trouble tho and cant seem to figure it out..

    Everything works perfect if the name of the plugin loads first of all (eg, is called 001myplugr something)

    But! if its not the routes in the plug never gets loaded.

    Known issue or have I done something strange? =)

  2. Joel says:

    erhm.. strike that comment =)

    It had to do with the active_merchant plugin, without that it works lika a charm.

    So I guess we will just have to dig a bit deeper before panic-posting comments like this next time..

  3. Nicholas Henry says:

    Could you please share why you created your own app-plugin solution? I am currently looking at using engines, but am very interested in what you thought might be missing. Thank you!

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