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Standup 04/27/2009: GemInstaller case sensitivity; wrapping NamedScopes in class methods

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  • GemInstaller can fail to install either gem if it encounters two gems in the repository that have the same name but differ in case. Don’t ever change the name of a gem or Adam Will Find You.

Interesting Things

  • Wrapping multiple named_scopes in a class method then attempting to compose that into another list of named scopes works most of the time :( If it is the first method in the new chain of named scopes, then it will work, otherwise, not so much (it forgets about any constraints from prior named_scopes). This pattern is best avoided.
  • We are pleased to announce the existence of, a maintained repository for public Pivotal gems. To see it’s contents try:
gem list --remote --source=

  1. Adam Milligan says:

    I should have been more clear: don’t give a gem a name that differs from the name of another gem only by case. Or I will find you.

    You’re in the crosshairs, Jeff Fisher.

  2. Chad Woolley says:

    To clarify, GemInstaller is simply running the RubyGems remote “list” command (which is case-insensitive) to verify the requested gem name and version exists on the server before attempting installation. In this case, two gems are returned, and GemInstaller takes the first one, which doesn’t match the specified version, so GemInstaller fails and doesn’t attempt the installation attempt.

    I could work around this in GemInstaller, but I believe that gems with the same name but different case should not be permitted on RubyForge. I opened the following ticket to get feedback:

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