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Standup 2010.07.08: It's Thursday Already Edition

Ask for Help

“Does anyone have experience with Google Custom Search v. Google Site Search?”

The results sets appear to be different and I don’t expect them to be…

Interesting Things

Heroku’s Console runs in production mode

This means that, unlike script/console on your local box, the Rails Environment doesn’t reload completely before you start hacking away. So if you’re expecting changes to be live, like migrations, they won’t be until you redeploy, restart your app heroku restart, and then run the console.

Request Log Analyzer & Rack::Bug

If you’re doing some performance tuning on your Rails app make sure to check out Request Log Analyzer. It’s great for helping show you all the stupid things you didn’t realize you were doing that was making your requests slow. Another great tool for this type of analysis is Rack::Bug.

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