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Standup 2010-09-17: Why Aren't You at GoGaRuCo Edition

Ask for Help

“How do I upgrade Passenger on the EngineYard Cloud with a unsupported account?”

Jump in to EY’s IRC to get ‘er done.

“Using the Vimeo gem, uploading fails with ‘Unknown upload error'”

No answer, but the gem hasn’t been updated in a while and the working theory is that it isn’t compatible with the new OAuth authentication. Suggestions included using HTTP Scoop to see what the traffic is doing and get more info.

“Ngnix 0.6 + Rails 3 isn’t sending the Content-Length header for 201 responses”

Since there’s no content length specified, some browsers grab on to the keep-alive and appear to take a very long time to load the page. In Rails 2.x the Content-Length is supplied. Does anyone know if this was an intentional choice in Ngnix/Rails 3?

  1. matthew says:

    Hey guys, have you figured out how to solve the issue with Rails 3 not setting the proper Content-Length for 201 (‘created’) responses?

    I have the same issue and any help would be much appreciated.


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