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Standup 2010-09-20: Your Weekend Was Short Because of GoGaRuCo Edition

(Title: Standup 11/31/2000: Something Interesting from the post)

Ask for Help

“Storage free/DB-less ActiveRecord (in Rails 2)?”

This seems to be readily available in Rails 3. For those who would not like to upgrade their projects, the following options have been suggested:

“Restricting ActiveRecord API?”

Sometimes you want extra assurance Bad Things are not being done by the wrong users. Possible solutions to lock permissions and such:

  • User plugin from our Socialitis project
  • A mysterious plugin known as Alcatraz, link not available at this time.

Interesting Things

  • Rails 3 controllers will run after_filters if you return false in the before_filter. This is deemed to be good behavior, but be aware of it.

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