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Standup 2010-10-25 — Rails 3-related helps and interestings


  • Edit: followup to delayed_job job logging failures

Switching to resque might help, but not without first rewriting the jobs.

More research yielded the fact that delayed_job reopens all files (including the log files) when it spins up. Under Ruby 1.8, File#reopen defaults file mode to last set, while 1.9 defaults to read only. This could easily cause logging failures. (with a nod to Davis W. Frank for the followup info)


  1. Nick Gauthier says:

    Interesting #1: This is why you should always use foreign keys in your DB. They can be instructed to raise errors, delete the associated object, or nullify the column for you, and they are faster and more reliable than rails methods.

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