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Standup 2010-11-16

Interesting Things

  • Project Sprouts from Luke Bayes “an open-source, cross-platform project generation and configuration tool for ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3, Adobe AIR Flash and Flex projects”

“Project Sprouts was originally designed (as AsProject) to solve a specific set of problems and was later entirely refactored to become a modular set of libraries that are built on top of Ruby, RubyGems and Rake.” — Luke Bayes

“So how will Sencha monetize? The company plans to sell its tools, like Sencha Animator, at a premium. It’ll also offer premium support plans.” — Tech Crunch


“Does anyone have experience with (slower) performance on EC2 compared to Heroku”

Some suggestions:

  • Test network lag
  • The small instance, the default, is just too wimpy to run as an application server
  • Make sure your database instance is big enough, and has enough memory
  • Any experience with RDS?

“Can you run cucumber with its own database instance?”


  • By default, Cuke creates its own environment, but piggy-backs on the test database
  <<: *TEST
  • rake db:test:prepare is wired to :test and won’t support a :cucumber in the database.yml without extra rake tasks that have continuing maintenance costs
  • I’ve used the parallel_tests gem in the past, which has managed to retrofit db:test:prepare to work with multiple test databases, but it did require an extra step after each migration (and it didn’t play well with postgres text indexes).

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