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Standup 2010-11-17

Interesting Things

  • nginx may write temporary files to local disk, especially for large files (>64K). You should make sure that proxy_temp_path is writable. You can also control the size when this happens by adjusting proxy_temp_file_write_size. The more interesting thing is that if the directory is not writable, you won’t see an error message in the logs, but strace is still your friend.


“Should I include Gemfile.lock in a repository for a gem?”

  • Yes, but don’t include it in the gemspec, that way it won’t be distributed with the gem.
  • Bundler doesn’t look at lock files in dependent gems anyway.
  • It makes less sense for a gem since you wouldn’t want to lock down the environment for all of your gem’s users.

“What library should I use for GUIDs?”

  • uuidtools
  • universally unique identifiers may have trouble in other universes, please use caution when crossing these boundaries ;-)

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