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Standup 2010-11-19: TGIF


What options exist for mobile application development?

The general consensus seems to be that many of these frameworks work fine for simple applications, but quickly run into walls, bugs, and fails once things are less than straightforward. If you’re writing a simple application, it probably falls in the mobile web application category and then all you need is a web view. YMMV, but know what you want your application to do before making a choice. Most likely, you have to write a native application for each platform.


  • jQuery 1.4.4 Released Read the blog entry for details; if you’re having issues, they might be solved in this release.

  1. My impression has been that these frameworks will get the easier parts done more quickly and that you then may have to drop down into native code to finish out the more complex pieces. Speaking on hearsay alone here, so I’d be interested to hear if someone has direct contradictory experience there, esp using Titanium (the direction we’re currently headed).

  2. Chris Bailey says:

    Just a followup – our app [Hotel Tonight]( is available in the App Store if you want to check it out, and see how a Titanium app turned out.

    I will say that at this point, Titanium’s main downside is their support and other ancillary aspects (like their analytics system has now been down for almost 2 weeks). I definitely cannot recommend paying for their enterprise support. We do pay for professional support, but that’s been questionable. Titanium is a young company and I think is going through some growing pains. We’ll see how their infusion of funding helps this…

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