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Standup 2010-12-10: Flash <embed> Scaling, Heroku + Amazon RDS, Overriding Default Scope


  • Some pivots are having trouble with a flash embed tag’s scale attribute. The desired behavior is that the movie scale to fit the size of the element. According to documentation, this should just work. The flash content will not scale, instead the content is getting cropped.

  • Anyone have experience using Amazon RDS with Heroku?

    Several projects at Pivotal have used this combination with great success.


  • A project had some intermittently slow queries. The problem was traced back to some large strings in one of the columns. The team solved this problem by overriding the default scope, and only selecting the expensive column when needed.

  1. Mat Schaffer says:

    I’ve also moved the large columns to a has_one :details model or something along those lines.

    What’s the reason for RDS on Heroku? Performance? Upgradability?

  2. Tyler Schultz says:

    @Mat One of the reasons some projects used RDS was for the ability to connect to the database from other Amazon services.

  3. Scout handled a similar issue by doing something like Mat suggested.

  4. Joseph Palermo says:

    Assuming you have a dedicated Heroku database plan, it is pretty easy to establish a direct connection to it from anywhere else.


  5. In the swf you’re trying to embed, you may need to define the StageScaleMode in code as well as with the embed attribute.

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