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Standup 2011-03-02: Better Late Than Never

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“‘Teamcity formatter missing’ error?”

Any ideas how to work around a “Teamcity formatter error” message when running specs (using RSpec 2) in RubyMine?

Paperclip breaks when a filename contains a ‘#’ character”

Apparently this has been fixed but not released?

Interesting Things

  • Selenium Conference is taking place in San Francisco on April 4-6.

  • MongoDB apparently stores pre-epoch dates as far-future dates and converts them back from future to past dates automatically. However, it does not convert them when searching or sorting.

  1. Mike Grafton says:

    The problem in RubyMine is probably due to Spork. Try putting the following in your prefork block, and restart spork:

    $:.unshift ‘ /rb/testing/patch/bdd/’
    $:.unshift ‘

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