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Standup 2012/1/31: The bleeding edge

Interesting Things

  • There’s a new release of Backbone – 0.9.0. It’s billed as a release candidate for 1.0, and seems to be a bit buggy, as RCs can be. However, it’s exciting to see that Backbone is getting close to that milestone.
  • You should default boolean fields to true or false, at the database layer. Otherwise your queries have to deal with three-valued logic.
  • Rails 3.2 has some unexpected behavior. First, the generated form ids have changed … what used to be id=user_new is now id=new_user. Second, if your routes file is missing an entry, you will no longer get errors in controller tests. If you liked that behavior, try out request specs.

Ask for Help

  • “Anyone seen problems with the latest REE and iconv?”

Everything works on the Linux machines, but on Macs, there’s an error about an unrecognized target encoding. Iconv works on the command line, so it’s something about REE.

  1. josh susser says:

    The test failure when there is a missing route for the action under test is actually relatively new behavior. I’m glad to see it reverted to the old behavior so I can test drive actions without needing to think about routes yet.

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