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Standup 3.16.2011: Autosave Inheritance, Margins, and Logging (the LumberJack way)

Ask for Help

“How do I show the 80 character line guide in RubyMine?”

Search your RM preferences, it’s in there.

Interesting Things

  • Autosave doesn’t work when you have a has_many :through relationship in your model. The POST gets rewritten as a PUT and doesn’t work as expected. See an example here.

  • Got multiple log files? Want to join those log entries across a specific request? LumberJack is for you! It adds metadata to each log – things like:

    • severity – The severity recorded for the message.
    • time – The time at which the message was recorded.
    • program name – The name of the program logging the message. This can be either set for all messages or customized with each message.
    • process id – The process id (pid) of the process that logged the message.
    • unit of work id – The unique 12 byte hexadecimal number generated for a unit of work.

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