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Standup 3.18.2011: Rails Bridge

Interesting Things

  • Rails Bridge is hosting an event here at Pivotal Labs to teach people how to develop Rails applications (including TDD and source control!). The students are designers, bootstrapping startups and those who are just curious. THIS EVENT NEEDS VOLUNTEERS! Come teach their well-laid out lesson plan, OR if you’re not up for teaching, come and help out with the install-fest Friday night. The dates are March 25th for the install-fest and March 26 for the actual class.
    Here’s the deets on Meetup
    Here’s the volunteer page

  1. KJ says:

    The event isn’t for teaching “people”, it’s exclusive of men.

  2. Will Read says:

    KJ, that’s not 100% true. Men are welcome to come, but they must be the guest of an attending lady. There’s historically been more guys at this workshop than you might think.

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