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Standup 3/24/2009: Browser History with Javascript and Page Based Json

Interesting Things

  • Browser History with Javascript and Page Based Json: One of our projects solved the vexing problem of browser history for a page that has initial page provided json with subsequent ajax updates. A simple page back operation will display the originally downloaded data, not the updated data. The solution is to add a unique id for each page, and store these ids in a cookie. When an ajax request updates the page it removes its page id from the cookie. When you use the back button, each page checks to see if its unique id is in the cookie, and if it is not, it forces a reload.
    Really Simple History was mentioned as another way to manage javascript/ajax history.
  • Rubymine Build 784 has the Weirdest. Bug. Ever.: This may only be a problem if you work on a mac and you need to enter capital letters in rubymine dialogs like find and replace ;-). Many of us are fans of intellij/rubymine, but we wish they had a better test process. To be fair, rubymine is in public preview, so expect the occasional bug or two.

  1. Pat Nakajima says:

    For really simple “history”, I like to poll the `document.location.hash`, then fire custom events when it changes. These events can trigger changes in which panels get rendered. It’s not appropriate for every situation, but a nice trick to have in your toolbelt.

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