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Standup 3/24/2011: Spork and debugging


“Chrome 11 + Webdriver + Java applets – Chrome 11 has changed the always allow Java plugins setting so that it is no longer global, and must be allowed for each applet. When running tests, Webdriver deletes the profile that stores this setting after each test run, causing specs to fail since a new dialog asking whether to allow the plugin pops up every time. Any ideas?”

The current fix seems to be to downgrade to Chrome 10.

“Does anyone know why using Spork + the ruby debugger just outputs ‘disconnected’ and doesn’t break at any breakpoints?”

The general consensus is to run tests on Spork and print out Spork when you want to debug.

Interesting Things

  • You should try Spork if you’re using Rails 3 and your tests are running slowly.

  1. Dan Kubb says:

    I’d recommend looking at guard + spork + guard-spork. It handles starting up and managing the background spork process. It also provices an autotest-like environment, so it will run the specs when files are updated. It’s got lots of other plugins, so it can do far more than just run tests/specs when files are changed.

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