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Standup 3/25/2009: Branches + JSUnit + CI + IE = :-(

Interesting Things

  • Branches + JsUnit + CI + IE = :-( : Apparently it is difficult to manage IE’s cache in CI. One project apparently has a bat file on CI that clears the cache every 30 minutes. Another team solved this by making the cache directory read only. Often browser/OS combinations have some technique for disabling caching.
  • Test Swarm Alpha: this is a crowd sourced javascript testing solution (think seti@home for javascript testing) being developed by John Resig.

Ask for Help

“AR attribute appears to be skipped by text field helper?!” Apparently the model method is bypassed by the text field helper if a column of the same name is present in the underlying table. This was experienced in Rails 2.2.

Others have apparently experienced this in the past but a clear answer did not surface.

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