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Standup 3/31/2011: Process.spawn pwns all yer codez!


Get your Rails mentoring on at RailsBridge this April 8th & 9th @ the Modcloth offices in downtown SF. It’s very rewarding.

If you have nested_attributes updating an attribute that is NOT in your attr_accessible attribute list on your ActiveRecord model you won’t get an exception – it will just silently fail. It will, however, output a warning line to your Rails log file. Fun for the whole family.

Using popen to open a process actually calls ‘sh -c’ to open your process, so the process you just ran is actually the child of the ‘sh -c’ process you just ran. This makes tracking down PIDs simply wonderful. :-) You can use ‘exec’ instead and your process will be the parent process. But if you’re using the new hotness you can instead use Process.spawn in Ruby 1.9.

  1. Jack Dempsey says:

    I’ve been bit by attr_accessible quietly failing too many times. Any thoughts on patching it to allow for a setting to tell it to raise?

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