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Standup 3/7/2012

New Faces

No new faces today


What is the approved way of finding out if a migration is pending? Trying to avoid Heroku restart.


Heroku + submodule: .slugignore is your friend!

Onsi says:

Heroku supports git submodules! However, when building your slugs it includes the .git directory in your submodules. This unnecessarily inflates the slug’s size. To circumvent this make a .slugignore file in your app’s root directory add path/to/submodule/.git to it. You can also use .slugignore to ignore specs, docs, etc…

  1. Thanks for the .slugignore tip!

    One thing I might add, it supports wildcards but Heroku is extremely slow (2+ minutes) to resolve them for some reason.

    I tried this for slugignore:

    Instead, ended up generating it dynamically like this:

    find node_modules/*/.git -type d -maxdepth 0 > .slugignore

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