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Standup 3/8/2011


RVM local/server version mismatch

A pivot noted that if you are using RVM in both your development and production environments, and you are using Capistrano for deployment, that you could encounter weird errors at deploy time like:

99: rvm_error: command not found
 ** [out :: app_user] /home/app_user/.rvm/scripts/rvm: line
121: __rvm_conditionally_add_bin_path: command not found
 ** [out ::] /home/app_user/.rvm/bin/rvm-shell: line
26: rvm: command not found

These errors occur even after you follow the instructions at

The moral- make sure your RVM version numbers match in development and production.

  1. Jonathan says:

    THANK YOU!!!
    this made my day, I have spent like 3 days just trying to figure out whats going on.. :D

  2. Ule says:

    Thank you from here as well! Would have wasted A LOT of time without your hint… :)

  3. And make sure that your RVM versions are the latest everywhere in addition to making them match :)

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