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Standup 4/16/2007

Standup 04/16/2007


  • Problems with initial start up of CrusieControl daemon script. J of cc.rb can take a look.
  • Running Selenium on IE7 remotely

Interesting Things

  • after_filter is called after the template is rendered, thus you cannot set instance variables in it and expect them to be available in the template. The after_filter method is good for post-render content manipulation or analysis such as gzipping, translating to pig latin or determining content-length. Perhaps it would be useful to add a before_render hook?
  • Remember integration tests are for full stack http testing (routes, REST, etc). Functional tests do not test full stack. Integration tests require some special handling.
  • After a reload on an association proxy object, the reference becomes a true Array (they always respond true to is_a?(Array). This means that none of the association proxy methods are available!
    class Foo < ActiveRecord::Base
       has_many :bar

    foo =
    NoMethodError: undefined method `build' for []:Array

Total Stand-up Meeting Time: 14:00 minutes

  1. Alex Chaffee says:

    Remember integration tests are for full stack http testing

    Actually, Selenium tests are for full-stack testing. The Rails “Integration Tests” skip several important layers including JS, DOM and AJAX. And do they really use HTTP, or do they fake it with Rails Request objects?

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