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Standup 4/20/2009: GoGaRuCo, Refactoring patches to Rails, Shared disk on EY

Interesting Things

  • Many thanks to Pivot Josh Susser for his hard work co-coordinating this past weekend’s Golden Gate Ruby Conference. We also want to thank our Live Blogging team: Chad, Ryan, Zach, and David — who all did an excellent job of documenting the event. We also recorded videos of every talk, which will be posted to Talks within a week or so.

  • Something to be aware of if you are running your production app on EngineYard: Because of their shared disk setup, running disk intensive jobs on your staging environment may affect the performance of your production environment on the same slice. One of our teams ran into severe slowness on production due to tasks running on staging. This problem isn’t immediately apparent because of the way the EY storage system is well abstracted for each environment. Submit a ticket to EY support for more details if this is a problem for you.

Ask for Help

  1. bryanl says:

    It seems that EngineYard should be monitoring the performance of their dom0s and the device serving your disk up. They should have contacted you before you contacted them.

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