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Standup 5/10/2010


gmail_smtp plugin not needed with Ruby 1.8.7

If you uses Ruby 1.8.7 or higher you can natively connect to Gmail and do not need to install a plugin as you used to with older Ruby versions .


Selenium uses webrat as default which causes problems under Snowleopard. Getting the latest version of Selenium and replacing the gem’s JAR-file with it will solve this problem.

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Reloading libs in development

“How to setup Rails to reload libraries under development?”

The initializer block in environment.rb contains the line

<code>config.load_paths += %W( #{RAILS_ROOT}/extras )</code>

which is commented out by default. Here the lib folder can be added in order to have it reloaded.

Selenium with with Firefox 3.6

“How to get Firefox 3.6 to work with Selenium?”

Your need to install he latest gem for Selenium RC from gem cutter. You then need to get the latest version of Selenium and replace the gem’s JAR file with the latest one you just downloaded.

Using relative picture size to crop from original image.

“I am using Paperclip and need the size of the original picture”

Paperclip::Geometry offers methods to get the image’s dimensions. However, if you want to access those for a new file, the earliest you can access these is with the after_save hook. Thus you might have to save the file twice.

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