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Standup 5/10/2011: How safe are you videos over RTMP?

Ask for Help

“Is flash RTMP streaming a secure way to stream video so it can’t be downloaded?”

We’re using this with CloudFront + S3. But will it protect our content enough?

“RubyMine + rspec 2.6, why won’t my focused tests run?”

We hoped this could be easily fixable by detaching the rspec gems and reattching them, but no luck with our usual fixes.

“MixPanel, is it a good tool for analytics and log analysis? “

Compared to normal analyics tools or splunk for log analysis?

“Anyone ever stubbed out 3rd party calls to a Thrift RPC service before?”

Is there a better solution than some sort of standard generic ruby stubbing & expectation tool?

Interesting Things

  • Postgres is giving us some weird behavior on Heroku when we have column names longer than 27 characters. We think the update_attribute calls are not being persisted but no errors are generated.
  • There are finally some viruses/trojans for mac OSX that are gaining traction. Careful what you download!
  • The net-ssh-telnet gem makes running a scripted batch SSH session pretty easy. This might be a good tool for you, if you want something much less complicated than capistrano or chef server for remote automation.

  1. Erik Hanson says:

    Has anyone gotten focused tests to work in RubyMine with Rspec 2.6? (Or has anyone else had problems?)

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