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Standup 5/11/2009: IE Extreme Edition

Interesting Things

  • Using Eric Meyer’s reset.css in an <IFRAME> on an undetermined patch level (but not up-to-date) version of IE6 results in a horrible browser freeze – the kind where it doesn’t chew CPU cycles & can’t seem to update it’s window at all. The team solved the problem by dropping reset.css and (GASP! –ed.) inlining the necessary styles to make the <IFRAME> look as required.
  • IE8.js made IE7 kind of horrible. It’s a known issue with this library that big DOMs and/or a lot of CSS can slow the browser down enough as to make it unusable. While IE8.js is configurable (dropping unneeded features), the team wasn’t using enough of its features and moved on.
  • If you’ve been playing with Compass, a (cool –ed.) CSS framework in SASS that we’ve talked about before, you’ve had to build your own HAML gem from scratch since Compass has depended on HAML edge. The open source elves have been working a bit of overtime and have made the haml-edge gem that removes this step. Check out this Compass commit for more detail.


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