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Standup 5/12/2011: Is it easy to patch a gem's dependencies to upgrade a version?

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“Rubymine is excluding code in our gem’s spec/ directory from being indexed, can that be changed?”

We assume this is an optimization, because most people aren’t interested in anything from a gem except the lib/ directory. There doesn’t appear to be a way to change this behavior.

“How can I override the gem version requirements on annoying gems in my project?”

We’re trying to bring in rails 2.3.2 + rack 1.1.x, but rails explicitly requires the old version of the rack gem. Can we do something sneaky to change the requirements without forking and modifying the gem??

“Is there a good set of practices for exposing ActiveRecord models to JavaScript?”

Like using Backbone.js model support? Or maybe just straight #to_json on models and embedding them into HTML templates?

  1. Jack Dempsey says:

    Almost positive you can indeed change that Rubymine behavior…but it was a while ago, and a very complex and not at all obvious path.

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